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Advertising Design Salary & Career Facts

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Advertising Design Salary & Career Facts

Advertising design is a field that represents and promotes specific companies through design models, campaigns, and advertising. Catchy themes and company specific values are what the field of advertising design brings to both existing and potential customers in a number of ways. 

Advertising Design Salary & Career Facts - Advertising Design Schools

What is the Typical Day of Working Within an Advertising Design Agency?

Advertising design is a position where creativity, logic, and marketing are used. Although those seem conflicting, using logic to better understand the creative direction and motives of the company is essential to the implementation of a successful campaign.

Some daily tasks performed within an advertising design firm include:

  • Project mapping and planning
  • Making graphic designer ads, website design ads, and understanding how to make print ad designs
  • Campaign planning and implementation
  • Using ad design software
  • The use of different mediums to contribute to one final image, logo, or design
  • Editing different imagery and presentation items to suit customers
  • Using persuasive presentation skills to properly create eye-catching material

Other tasks include finalizing projects and maintaining liaison with the company or clients that are using the service. Advertising design is a fast-paced, multi-faceted, and collaborative field that uses a number of different skills to make a final and captivating motif for the customer and audience.

Do You Need to be Good at art to Work in Advertising Design?

Typically, it helps to have a grasp on illustration, drawing, and digital arts, but schooling will help reinforce students the basics of such principles. Many individuals have a vision, but are unable to draw it, but if you can communicate effectively, team work will pay off and collaboration can lead to a well planned and executed vision.

What Type of Schooling is Need to Enter Advertising Design?

Typically, post secondary education is needed to enter advertising design in a field related to art or design. Interior design education or education for graphic design goes a long way and can allow you to enter the field of advertising design. Typically a bachelors in design is the best way to secure a job in the industry. Entering the work force may be easier after completing such a degree since the practicum may establish work for you within a design firm, leading you to a job in advertising design shortly after graduation.

If college is not an option, some entry-level work can be obtained through an associate’s degree or certification at a private college, part-time courses, or night school.

Management positions need higher education, namely a master’s degree to ensure the applicant understands advanced principles within the advertising design business.

What Rate of Pay is Typical for Advertising Design?

The advertising design field pays higher salaries to workers with a bachelor in the arts, starting at roughly $ 30,000.00 per year, and going up to $ 50,000 per year.

What is the Job Outlook for Advertising Design?

The job outlook is static since many companies and corporations rely on advertising design for everyday purposes such as magazine covers, posters, and take-away’s given to customers.

Branding, marketing, and advertising are great fields to enter since they are always in demand for small to large companies, corporations, and individuals,

If advertising design is something that would interest you, talking to someone in the field or contacting a college directly may be your best option to map out your career path in advertising design.

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