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Campus Audiology Degree

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More and more people are choosing to make health care the industry they want to work in because there are so many opportunities and job openings. When it comes to health care positions, while becoming a doctor or getting into nursing are the most popular choices, there are many other great careers to choose from such as audiology. If you are thinking about a career in this area then you need to go to audiology school and get an audiology degree from a reputable academic institution.

Campus Audiology Schools

Audiology School Options

When looking into academic institutions that offer audiology degrees, it is important to understand that they are commonly referred to by a number of different names. So, keep this in mind when considering audiology schools and considering your audiology degree options. Common audiology degree names include:

• Human Communications Disorders
• Audiology
• Speech Sciences
• Rehabilitation Sciences
• Speech Therapy and Audiology

Admissions for Audiology School

Audiology is offered by most academic institutions at the graduate level. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do an undergraduate degree that enables you to get the prerequisites that you need to be admitted into the program.

For most graduate audiology schools the following is required as part of your admission package:

• An undergraduate degree from a reputable university
• Academic letters of reference
• A statement of intent
• A listing of work experience and experience that is related to audiology
• Academic records and grade point average

While most students that are accepted into audiology school come from a health science background, students with undergraduate degrees in other areas may also be accepted into the program. Check with the admissions office to ensure you qualify before applying for the program.

Audiology Course Schedule

Regardless of the audiology school that you choose, there are a number of core audiology courses that are part of the curriculum. Here are some of the audiology courses you will be required to take as part of your degree:

• Principles of clinical audiometry
• The auditory system
• Acoustics and perception
• Speech science
• Hearing technologies
• Applications in audiometry
• Professional practice
• Pediatric hearing disorders
• Modern practices in hearing
• Adult hearing disorder

All audiology schools also offer a practicum as part of the program. This will give students the opportunity to apply what they learn in class and apply it in real situations.

Careers After Graduation

Once you graduate from audiology school, it is important that you get involved with the professional audiology association in your area. This will help you meet people in the industry and could lead to you securing a job. If they offer a student membership, it is a good idea to job while you are still in school.

There are a number of potential places that you can get work as an audiologist. Some of the most common are in industries that require hearing protection. Many work in hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, and research and development companies. Therefore, there is no shortage of opportunities once you finish school.

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