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Professional Cooking FAQ’s

Culinary Arts

Professional Cooking FAQ’s 

What is Professional Cooking?

Professional cooking is a practice that incorporates a series of different culinary techniques as well as the proper preparation of menu items in a timely fashion. There are a set of different skills that professional cooks engage in that allow them to keep up with heavy workloads and demanding meal times. Some professional cooking skills and traits may include: 

Professional Cooking FAQ’s - Professional Cooking Schools

• Multitasking through a series of different dishes and desserts
• Perfecting culinary arts such as pastry making, cake design, or preparing gourmet meals
• Working with commercial kitchen supplies and commercial kitchen equipment
• The ability to handle stress well
• Multitasking and time management during busy hours
• The ability to work on repetitive tasks
• Proper packaging techniques for food storage

There are other duties for a professional cook, but the most common are preparation and time management within the kitchen for a multitude of menu items. 

What Types of Areas does Professional Cooking Lead to?

There are many different types of cooking techniques that are used for different establishments, and different titles can be granted for variousoccasions and chef specialties. Some titles may include:

• Chef de Partie (line cook)
• Sous Chef (second in authority)
• Pastry Chef
• Banquet Chef
• Executive Chef (head chef) or Chef de Cuisine

There are different ranks, and most times an apprentice starts at the lowest rank and moves their way up in the field of professional cooking. It may take up to three years to earn the required training, but afterwards, there are abundant career opportunities for the chef. 

What Type of Schooling is Needed to Enter Professional Cooking?

There are a few different schooling options that can lead to different professional cooking positions. Certificate courses, associate degree programs, as well as bachelor degree programs can all lead to employment, but the most commonly sought schooling credential for a high-end professional cook is a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. Some areas of expertise offered within a degree program can include:

• Ways to manage a restaurant business
• Social science and English courses
• Gourmet dish preparation, as well as pastry and cake design
• Culinary art basics
• Placement options near graduation

There are a series of other schooling that is given within the four-year period for a bachelor’s degree, as well as different options for class structures including:

• Full-time online and in-school options (depending on the institution)
• Fast-track schooling
• Part-time schooling

Depending on the school, there may be courses that work better around your schedule. Calling the institution directly is a great way to understand the course load and employment potential after graduation. 

What Type of Salary Can you Earn from Professional Cooking?

The salary within the field of professional cooking is average and can start at $ 30,000.00 per annum upwards to $ 65,000.00 per annum. Often times, professional cooks may start a business on the side to earn an extra income or move up in the cooking industry over years. 

Is There a Good Job Outlook for Professional Cooking?

The industry for professional cooking is expected to grow up until 2018, so there is a higher demand presently. Food is essential, so there will always be a need for professional cooking whether in local restaurants or within international hospitality industries.

If professional cooking seems like a field you would like to enter, speaking to a local post-secondary school is a great way to start on your career path!

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