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Online Professional Cooking Degree

Culinary Arts

Online Professional Cooking Degree

The world of restaurants and the hospitality industry requires talented chefs with a passion for food and an in depth knowledge of the critical business issues that every food operation faces. A Culinary Arts degree program is designed to develop successful chefs and managers by teaching the skills necessary to address the critical issues encountered in the field. 

Online Professional Cooking Degree - Professional Cooking Schools

Online culinary arts schools teach students the fundamentals of cooking, food sanitation, and restaurant management. These programs are geared towards creative individuals who enjoy preparing and presenting food to the public. Online culinary arts degrees are available at the associate and bachelor levels, and select schools may offer a career diploma or certificate option.

Culinary arts schools model online curriculum after online degree programs such as those offered by specialty online colleges and universities, available around the world. A culinary arts degree usually costs between $ 5,000 and $ 8,000 and while many of the new enrollments comprises enthusiasts looking to learn the basics of cooking, a schools core objective is to train the professional cooks that make up the rank and file of every restaurant kitchen.

Because the course is taught online, much of the teaching will be comprised of step by step videos that teach techniques common to most professional kitchens, combined with readings that will develop students’ knowledge of the history of various cooking techniques.

Online Culinary Arts Course

There are a variety of online culinary arts courses that online culinary arts schools will ofer. They include a selection of the following:

• The Trade and The Training Process
• Hygiene and Safety
• Tools and Equipment
• Communicating in the Workplace
• Menu Planning
• Attitudes, Habits and Behaviour
• Organizing and Managing Kitchens
• Cooking Techniques
• Basic Culinary Preparations
• Soups
• Basic Dough, Pastry and Batter
• Fruits and Vegetables
• Meat, Poultry and Game
• Fish and Seafood
• Hors d'Oeuvres and Entrees
• Pastries
• Entremets
• Mise en Place and Service; Simple Menus
• Mise en Place and Service; Breakfast
• Mise en Place and Service; Table d'Hote Menus
• Mise en Place and Service; A la Carte Menus
• Culinary Decoration
• Mise en Place and Service; Buffets
• Introduction to the Work Environment
• New Developments in the Trade

Online training will allow students to learn to prepare food, choose appropriate cooking techniques, organize and manage a kitchen and plan specific menus. It will also provide application-based knowledge on healthy and responsible consumption,therefore ingraining them with fundamentally healthy and environmentally conscious values.

Individuals who graduate with a degree, certificate, or diploma in culinary arts may seek employment in food prep, hospitality management, event planning, culinary education, and restaurant management. Programs may provide the skills needed to pursue a career as an executive chef, food writer, research chef, culinary educator, or a food and beverage manager.

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