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The Skills You Need When Entering a Career in the Healthcare Field

When people think of careers in the healthcare industry, naturally they think of doctors and nurses. However, there are numerous occupations within this broad discipline including medical laboratory technician, health educator, medical transcription, dietitian, mental health counselor, chiropractor, pharmacy technician, radiation therapist. audiologist, anesthesiologist, and the list goes on and on. There are a number of essential skills, qualities, and traits that are applicable to all of these occupations. Below are just a few I feel are important to encompass in order to have a successful career in the healthcare industry and select the Best Schools.

A Passion to Help Others

All professionals in the healthcare field either work directly with patients or with patients’ medical records therefore, healthcare professionals must have a desire to help them. Healthcare professionals must care about the work they do because they are dealing with people’s health issues and in some cases, these issues are life or death. Healthcare professionals are motivated by making a difference in someone else’s life through their work.

Exceptional Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Whether they are dealing with patients or fellow associates, healthcare professionals must have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. They must actively listen to whom they are speaking with and respond in a clear and thorough manner. If the healthcare professional is interacting with a patient, they must ensure they are speaking to the patient in terminology that they can clearly understand.

Interest in New Discoveries within Science and Technology

The medical field evolves each day and new technologies are being implemented and used in various professions in this industry. Therefore, healthcare professionals must be knowledgeable of the various changes and updates and be sure to incorporate the new discoveries into their work.

Efficient Research Skills

There are a number of occupations within the healthcare field which require professionals to research professional journals and academic papers regarding new or changing diseases as well as the appropriate treatment or therapy procedures. This entails efficient research skills. There are also a number of professions which conduct research in the medical field and their findings are then added to the existing literature.


Healthcare professionals work with a number of different associates therefore they must all encompass teamwork skills. Different occupations within the healthcare field all work together for a common cause. Teamwork skills include the ability to communicate constructively, demonstrate reliability, motivate and cooperate with each other, commit to the team as well as the task at hand, and treat others in a professional, respectful, and supportive manner.

Individuals who encompass these skills, qualities, and traits will be successful working in this growing, fast-paced, and exciting field.

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