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Essential Skills for a Career in Engineering

Engineering is comprised of the principles of mathematics and science. These principles are applied to create, manufacture, and sustain structures, systems, materials, and processes which solve real-world problems and greatly benefits society. Engineering is a broad discipline but professionals may specialize in one area within engineering such as mechanical, civil, architectural, biomedical, environmental, materials, chemical, industrial, agricultural, petroleum, electrical, nuclear, computer hardware, or aerospace engineering. Although each area of focus is different from the other, there are similar skills and qualities students must encompass when entering a career in any of the specializations within the engineering field.

Complex problem-solving skills

Solving problems is essentially what engineers do. Using mathematics and science, engineers must come up with a plan for developing something as small as the dials on a wristwatch to something as magnificent as an international airport. Engineers are versed in defining an issue or dilemma and its pertinent constraints such as time, budget, etc. Engineers must then devise a solution which meets these time and budget constraints.

Creativity skills

Engineers must have creativity skills and an eye for designing new types of components, devices, materials, or buildings. Their work must be unique as well as functional. Creativity is needed when converting concepts and ideas into real-world applications.

Understanding and knowledge of mathematics and science principles

As stated above, engineering is comprised of the principles of these two subject areas therefore engineers must be able to use concepts such as calculus, algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, physics, and biology when analyzing, designing, or troubleshooting their work.

Communication skills

Engineers interact with a number of different professionals such as construction managers, technicians, electrical installers, surveyors, and architects when working on a project. Therefore, engineers must have exceptional communication skills. They must be able to clearly and thoroughly explain the details of the project to the necessary professionals and speak in terminology that they will be able to understand.

Organizational skills

There may be times when engineers work on several projects at once therefore they must have efficient organizational and time-management skills. Engineers must have the ability to prioritize their work in order to meet the different deadline dates. They also must stay on top of changes and adjustments to the projects.

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