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What Makes a Great Teacher

A career in education can be rewarding and fulfilling. The opportunity to encourage and motivate students on a daily basis can lead to a quite gratifying profession. However, not just anybody is able to inspire students. There are a number of qualities that make a great teacher and one that students respect, admire, and remember. Below are a few essential qualities in order to be successful as a teacher:  

A Passion to Educate Others

Not only must teachers enjoy working with young people but they should also have passion and enthusiasm in educating them as well. The teachers’ interest and excitement for the material will come through when instructing. Students will see that eagerness which will peak further interest in the material and motivate them to learn as well.

Knowledgeable in the Teaching Material

This may seem obvious but is sometimes not the case. A great teacher has an in-depth and extensive knowledge in the material that they teach. They must also keep up-to-date with any current changes or advancements in their specific subject area.

Strong Rapport with Students

Great teachers must build trusting and respectful relationships with their students. Their students must feel comfortable to approach their teacher in times of distress or frustration and the teacher in return, should respond with empathy and understanding.

Clear, Organized, and Thorough Lessons

Students are better able to grasp material when it is presented in a clear, organized, and thorough fashion. There is nothing worse than a teacher who presents material in a sporadic and unorganized manner. This method makes it difficult for students to follow which in turn, will hinder their understanding of the coursework.

Engage the Class

Learning is an active (as opposed to passive) practice. Great teachers are able to instruct as well as listen to their students. They encourage participation in class and stimulate thinking and creativity instead of just listing different facts and figures about a certain subject area. When students are engaged in the material, they are better able to retain the information.

High Expectations for Students

Expectations, which teachers have for their students, greatly affect students’ achievement. This is because students generally give to teachers what is expected of them. Since this is the case, having high expectations for their students means that students will try to match their teacher’s expectations and exceed the minimum requirements in class. Having high expectations also lets students know that their teacher cares for their success and achievements in school.

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