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Some Things to Consider Before Attending Graduate School

There are numerous students that complete their bachelor’s degree majoring in an area of specialization who then immediately enter the workforce. While this may be the desire (or necessity) of some, there are many others who debate whether they should continue onto graduate school. Graduate school can be extremely time-consuming, expensive, and intense however, it can also be exceptionally rewarding. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider before filling out that graduate school application form.

Students should give some thought to what their professional end-goals are. If they want to become a professor in their field of specialization, then graduate school would be the only possible option. To become a professor, one must have attended graduate school and obtained a Ph.D. Students must also have a passion for their area of specialization. During graduate school, students will be conducting extensive research and acquiring a more in-depth knowledge in a specific area therefore they must be passionate about that field.

Time and money are factors which should be considered before attending graduate school. Acquiring a master’s and Ph.D. can take anywhere from six to eight years to complete. Students must ask themselves if they are willing and able to devote that amount of time to their studies. Since graduate school is a full-time commitment, they may not be able to work. This is where money can be an issue. Students must consider their personal situation and determine whether graduate school is a financially-viable option. There may be instances where students are unable to further their education due to a mortgage or the responsibility of supporting children. In addition, graduate school tuition fees can be quite expensive. Students must be able to acquire a student loan or have saved a substantial amount of money to pay for school.

During a master’s and Ph.D. degree program, students work under or are supervised by a faculty member who oversees the student’s thesis project throughout the duration of their program. Therefore, before entering graduate school, it is best to have established a professional relationship with a faculty member whose research is of interest to the student. If the student has no relationship or has not even contacted a potential faculty member they would like to work with, it is likely that they will not get accepted into the graduate school program. Building rapport with a professor greatly benefits students in the acceptance process since the student and professor will be working closely together for a number of years.

Students who are interested in enrolling in graduate school should encompass a number of skills and qualities essential for success in graduate school. They must be motivated and committed to continually learn and study. They must have exceptional research skills since they will be conducting their own research for their thesis project. Organizational skills are a necessity. Writing skills are also quite important.

As seen here, these are just a few of the important factors which must be considered before applying for graduate school. Graduate school is not for everyone and it is important for students who are considering it, to get the most information they can before investing in this expensive, time-consuming, and rewarding endeavor.

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