Pursuing a Career in the Computer Science Field as a Computer Programmer

Computer science is the systematic study and understanding of computers and computational applications and processes. The three main fields that computer science is comprised of are mathematics, science, and engineering; therefore, students aspiring to pursue a career in computer science must have an interest in all three disciplines.

Computer programming is the extensive and thorough process from an analytical creation of a source code to executable computer programs and applications. Computer programmers are educated and trained professionals who analyze and understand these programs and systems as well as focus on the development of software that allow individuals to perform various functions on a computer.

Their responsibilities include ensuring programs operate efficiently and are able to meet new technology demands; upgrading codes through applications; studying codes for mistakes; repairing errors; working with other computer programmers on different projects; writing codes and programs that computers will be able to follow; monitoring tasks to make sure programs are working; and preparing graphs, tables, information, and data to view the performance of computer programs.

Individuals who are aspiring to become a computer programmer must complete some form of post secondary education such as a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in computer programming. During this four-year degree, students are educated in areas such as system analysis and design, Java programming, data structures, programming logic, database implementation, visual basic programming, Linux installation and configuration, and networking essentials. After students complete the undergraduate degree in computer programming, students may acquire hands-on experience by working with an experienced and qualified computer programmer. In addition to acquiring an undergraduate degree and work experience, students must encompass specific skills and personality traits in order to be successful in this field. Efficient analytical, problem-solving, customer-service, technical, computer, leadership, and communication skills are all important skills computer programmers must have.

Those who excel in the bachelor’s degree program in computer science, gain on-the-job experience, and encompass the skills and personality traits mentioned above, will no doubt be successful in this demanding, challenging, and rewarding profession.

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