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Centura, offers training at 5 locations in Virginia and each campus is dedicated to helping students gain the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed. Drawing from over 30 years of career school experience, we are committed to the education and personal enrichment of each student.

Student Services

Student Advisors at Centura work to keep you connected and involved in your education, from the moment you enroll all the way through graduation. We will assist you to make connections with tutors, instructors, financial aid advisors and other school officials, while helping positively address many circumstances that may impact your ability to remain active and productive. We strive to support you when balancing life issues with educational goals and link you to needed services in the community. Whether you are a new student working to acclimate yourself to your school schedule or are well into your education, your student advisor is there to support you.

Tutorial Services

Students requiring academic support can find a host of services available. Tutorial Services is a learning resource providing free, accessible academic support. We assist Centura College students in numerous academic disciplines throughout a variety of tutoring techniques.


Programs Offered

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