Working as a Child Care Manager

Child care management is a profession which plans, organizes, directs, and oversees the services and activities that occur at a child care facility. Child care managers are educated and trained professionals who are responsible for all aspects of their child care program. Their tasks include supervising associates as they work with children; preparing child care plans, programs, and budgets; adhering to government policies and procedures; providing training and professional development opportunities for associates; interacting with parents of children regarding their child’s progress; ensuring facilities are well-maintained; hiring, training, and dismissal of employees; assisting in conflict resolution; and developing educational programs and services which adhere to educational standards.

Those who are interested in pursuing a career as a child care manager must complete some type of formal education program such as an associate’s degree in child care management. This two-year program educates students in areas such as child development, child psychology and psychopathy, day care administration, child abuse, family violence, adolescent development, child health and nutrition, child care personnel management, and group dynamics. After completion of an associate’s degree program and before obtaining employment as a child care manager, students must acquire certification as a child care manager. In order to do so, applicants must have completed some form of education in the child care field, gain on-the-job experience, and pass a comprehensive examination which assesses the applicants’ knowledge and skills in this field. The National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) offers the Child Care Professional (CCP) designation.

In addition to these education and work experience requirements, students must also encompass certain skills and qualities which are essential in this profession. Child care managers must enjoy working with children. They must be able to actively listen to their needs and concerns and offer their assistance and guidance whenever needed. Child care managers must have exceptional interpersonal skills. They interact not only with children, but with other teachers, government officials, health care professionals, and parents. They must always speak to others in a helpful, polite, and respectful manner. Organizational skills are also important. Child care managers sometimes have hundreds of children who attend their facility therefore they must make certain to keep all records and documents in order. Positive leadership skills are necessary. Child care managers must have the ability to motivate and encourage others as well as lead by example.

Those who encompass these skills and qualities mentioned above, excel in the associate’s degree program specializing in child care management, and have a passion to work with children will no doubt be successful in this challenging but important profession.

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