A Career in Human Resources

Human resources is the department within a company or organization that deals with the selection, education, training, assessment, and rewarding of its employees. Professionals who work in this department have several responsibilities which include ensuring adherence to employment and labor laws; mediating disputes between employees; assigning disciplinary procedures; interviewing qualified candidates for employment; advising managers on organizational policies; administering employee services and programs; motivating employees; and interacting with various employees in order to determine their level of satisfaction with working at the organization.

Human resources managers are educated and trained professionals who oversee the human resources department. They may find employment in various settings such as business firms, corporate offices, law firms, hospitals, insurance companies, departments within the government, or medical offices.

In order to acquire professional employment as a human resources manager, individuals must obtain both a bachelor`s and master`s degree in business or human resources. To obtain a bachelor`s degree, students must undergo four years of education, taking courses in areas such as economics, management finance, economics, personnel management, employment law, compensation, psychology, training and development, and organizational behavior. During the master’s degree program, students conduct research in the business field and complete a thesis. Coursework includes ethical issues in human resources, labor laws, human resources consulting, global human resources, compensation and benefits management, and employee training practices. Once students complete their master’s degree, they must then acquire certification as a human resources manager. This entails passing a comprehensive examination which assesses the students’ knowledge and skills in the business field. Employers generally only hire those who have fulfilled these requirements.

There are certain skills and personality traits one must encompass in order to be successful as a human resources manager. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are extremely important. Human resources managers interact with various associates and managers therefore they must be able to effectively communicate their issues and concerns as well as actively listen to others. They must speak to associates in a helpful, respectful, and polite manner. Human resources managers must have positive leadership skills. They must have the ability to encourage and motivate others in their work by using positive and rewarding techniques. Organizational skills, decision-making skills, and time-management skills are also needed in this occupation.

Those who encompass the skills and personality traits mentioned above, as well as excel in the bachelor’s and master’s degree program in business or accounting, will no doubt be successful in this demanding but rewarding profession.

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